Pressurised Hot Water Systems

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Do you have poor water pressure from your showers and hot water taps?

Contact us to discuss your hot water options. Unvented systems are a modern way of heating hot water. Unvented hot water tanks are operating at higher pressure than the vented systems and have additional safety features installed.


There are several benefits to unvented:

  • Operates at Mains pressure – Better flow rates, increasing shower and bath performance dramatically.
  • More loft space – There is no need for a cold-water tank, usually located in the loft. Unvented cylinders are fed directly from the mains as opposed to gravity fed open vented cylinders. 
  • Compact Installation – Most unvented cylinders can occupy the same space, often an airing cupboard, meaning no loss of space and a dry loft for peace of mind! In addition, since you aren’t relying on gravity to move the hot water around the home, the unvented cylinder can be located pretty much anywhere in your property.
  • Reduced noise in the system since there is no cold-water filling of the water storage cistern, and since there is no water storage cistern and the system is essentially sealed, the cold water is not at risk from contamination.



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